Gauge Lab - Shipping Instructions

Test Kit Detailed Shipping Instructions

For locals, please feel free to stop by one of our service centers and drop off your test kit.If you are shipping your test kit, we suggest you use a shipping service that can track and verify that it was delivered to us.

To prepare your test kit for shipping, remove all tools and test fittings from your test kit and keep them. These will not be needed by our gauge lab. If your test kit has a carrying case please place the test gauge in the carrying case when you ship it.

You may send your test kit hoses with your test kit, be sure they are placed into the carrying case.Be sure to drain any water from your test kit and hoses by opening all needle and bleed valves.Leave all bleed and needle valves open when you ship the test kit.

If you are sending in an electronic model be sure to include the charging adapters and to also turn it off.

Pack your test kit in a rigid shipping box that is strong enough to deliver the test kit safely. Place the test kit in the box with a minimum of 6 inches of resilient packing material equally spaced around the test kit to assure it is not damaged in shipping.

When we receive your test kit for evaluation, we will review your information and test kit.The lab charge is $95 plus any return shipping costs.

We will clean the case and test kit. We will pressure test all hoses, needle valves and connections to assure they are tight. If your hoses contain particle filters, we will clean or replace the filter elements. We will verify accuracy of the gauge in your test kit to assure it conforms to the manufacturer’s accuracy standards. If any part of the test kit is found to be in need of repair, we will notify you of the problem with an expected estimate of labor and material cost. We will not proceed without repair authorization. Any repair costs will be above and beyond the gauge lab fee and shipping charges.

Your gauge will be evaluated as to how it performed when we received it, and how it performed when we are done with it. A lab report of these findings will be included with the returned test kit.We will ship the test kit back to you via UPS unless we are given other directions.

When the test kit is returned to you, please immediately open the shipping box and inspect the test kit for any signs of damage. Connect the test kit up to a water source to assure no other damage has taken place in shipping.

We take extra care to package your test kit so that it is returned safely to you, but if any damage takes place once it leaves us, you must notify us within 10 days of receipt to arrange further procedures.

If you need to contact us to verify status or authorize repair, please contact the service center in which you shipped or dropped off your backflow test kit.

Service Centers:

Attention: Calibration Dept
20435 S Susana Rd.
Long Beach, CA 90810
Attention: Calibration Dept
1201 – F Technology Dr.
Indian Trial, NC 28079

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